Why Blocked Drains Repairs Should Never Be a DIY Project

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If you have ever dealt with a blocked drain on your property, you know exactly how troublesome that can be. The blockage can result in a backup of sewer water in the sinks and shower areas of your home. You may notice foul smells coming from the drains or hear gurgling sounds emanating from the drainage installations.

Some things to consider

Sometimes, homeowners feel that they would be able to deal with the problem themselves. While using a plunger can sometimes solve the problem and clear a minor block that won’t be effective if the blockage is severe. We at Wilco Plumbing have noticed that when untrained people try to fix blocked drains problems that can do more harm than good; there a number of reasons for this:

  • Without the right kind of training, you won’t be able to judge what exactly is causing the problem and will spend excessive amounts of time in just identifying this.
  • You won’t have the right types of tools and equipment for the job. We use drain CCTV cameras to find out what is causing the problem. Once that has been identified, we use pressure-jets to clear and remove the blockage completely.
  • If there is some damage to the drains, you may not notice it. And while you may be able to clear the blockage with an auger, you won’t know if the pipe is damaged. Leaving the problem unaddressed may result in further damage in the drainpipe which can become troublesome and expensive to fix.

 As you can see, this blocked drains repair job isn’t something a novice can handle and it takes experience, knowledge, training and the right tools to handle the job efficiently and effectively. If you have noticed the water in your sink, toilets or shower areas draining slowly or have noticed any of the signs we talked about at the outset, don’t delay in calling us.