How To Know When You Need An Emergency Plumber

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Some plumbing issues, such as a slow drip from a faucet that won’t stop, are just inconveniences, and can be fixed whenever you have time to call a plumber. But others – like water flowing out of a toilet uncontrollably – are much more serious, and can cause water damage and other problems with your property.

So how do you know when you need to call an emergency plumber for your plumbing issue? Let’s discuss a few situations that qualify as a plumbing emergency now.

1. Your Hot Water Heater Is Broken Or Not Working

A broken or failing hot water heater isn’t just inconvenient. It can be a very serious emergency – particularly if the unit is heating water too high. This can result in scalding and burns, or even cause the storage tank to explode. Other dangerous issues related to hot water heaters include carbon monoxide, which can be leaked by failing, outdated, or improperly-maintained gas water heaters. If you notice a serious issue with your hot water heater, get the help of a plumbing professional right away.

2. You Have A Burst Water Pipe

A burst water pipe or a serious leak can lead to a high water bill, and permanent damage to your home’s drywall, electrical systems, carpeting, and more. If you notice a large leak or signs of a leak anywhere in your home, you should find your main water shut-off, turn off the flow of water into your home, and contact an emergency plumber right away to get a fix for the issue.

3. You Have Very Low Water Pressure Or Don’t Have Any Running Water

Very low water pressure could indicate a major leak or water line break on your property – and if you don’t have any running water at all, there’s likely something seriously wrong with your plumbing system. You should get in touch with an emergency plumber right away to have the issue diagnosed and find a solution.

4. You’re Having Problems With Your Sewer Line

Any plumbing issue that involves your sewer line demands immediate service from a professional plumber. For example, if water from your sewer line backs up and begins to flow into your kitchen sink, this is a serious health issue – your sewer line is full of waste and bacteria, and is not sanitary. You need to get help from a plumber to resolve the issue and flush your plumbing lines to remove bacteria and sanitize them.

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If you’re in doubt about whether or not your issue is an emergency, it’s better to call a plumber and be safe. In some cases, even an issue like a clogged drain can be an emergency – for example, if the toilet clogs and waste ends up flowing into your bathroom and onto the floor.

Calling an emergency plumber gives you peace of mind – and ensures that you can get the proper plumbing repairs to fix the problem right away. So don’t wait. If you need an emergency plumber to help with your plumbing problem in Sydney, call Wilco Plumbing right away.

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