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Bad smells wafting out of your drains- the causes and fixes

Drainage systems are designed in such a way that they keep the sewage and all the waste water odours away from kitchen, bathroom and laundry spaces. If the drainage system in your home works the way it should, you wouldn’t have to deal with bad odours emanating from the drains. But if you do detect […]

Simple Tips to Maintain Your Hot Water Tank

Hot water systems see daily use and that means they also see a significant amount of wear and tear. Just like any other installation in your house, the one way to ensure they are in good repair is to get regular maintenance done; not only will that help prevent unexpected breakdowns, but will save you […]

Here’s Why CCTV Plumbing Cameras Can Save You Time and Money

Blocked Drains are one of the commonest plumbing problems people face in their homes or commercial property. These blocks seem like they surface suddenly but are generally caused by buildup that takes place over time. The grease, debris, food remnants, hair etc. can become lodged within the drain pipes and cause a blockage. Sometimes, tree […]

Essential Plumbing Priorities Before you Book a Holiday

A holiday is one of the best ways to have a long break and move out of a monotonous routine. But before you book your holiday, there are certain things you would have to do to ensure your home is safe and that no problems will arise in your absence; and plumbing checks should be […]

Wilco Plumbing Warranty

How the Wilco Plumbing Warranty Has You Covered Plumbing problems can be a nightmare to deal with, especially when they surface out of the blue. When any plumbing emergency arises, most people are just focused on getting the work done as quickly as possible. After all, if there is a sudden backflow of water in […]

How Much is Your Old Hot Water System Really Costing You

How Much is Your Old Hot Water System Really Costing You? Hot water is something we take for granted in our homes and we don’t really pay too much attention to the system unless something goes wrong with it, or until we find that we are paying very high electricity bills for it. Heating water […]

Hot Water

The Best Way to Avoid Cold Showers Hot water systems are a basic amenity and most people like to have hot water showers rather than cold ones. And it can be quite frustrating to turn on the shower only to be hit by a spray of cold water. While good quality hot water systems don’t […]

Next Generation Plumbing and Electrical Services You Can Trust from Wilco

Plumbing has never been easy and broken pipes do spoil your day. This is where Wilco fits in. The plumbing services you have been waiting for more than many years is now just next door. For the expert advice on installation of hot water systems from gas to electric to solar, there is just one […]