Why Do Pipes Burst?

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Households in colder areas commonly experience pipe bursting. Other causes of pipe bursting besides cold weather are corrosion and tree root invasion. A burst pipe can cause inconvenience to homeowners who don’t know much about plumbing problems. All they are left to do is worry before seeking professional assistance.

The risk of losing your valuable possessions due to pipe burst damage is a good reason why Sydney homeowners should be concerned to understand how and why it occurs. In this post, we’ll learn about the intricacies of burst water pipes. Follow through!

How Do You Know if Your Pipe Has Burst?

Perhaps the most obvious sign of a burst pipe in your home is water leaking. However, other warning signs of a burst water pipe include:

  • Fluctuating water pressure- Burst water pipes can result in water pressure changes in your home. Fluctuating water pressure can be hard on your home’s water supply. One minute your shower head may blast you in the face, while on the other, you may feel like no water is coming out. This issue may also affect your home’s hot water system.
  • Puddles under sinks- A leaky water pipe is likely to result in damp spots under your sinks.
  • Mould growth- Moisture from burst and exposed pipes can result in mould growth. It’s time to reach out to a reliable plumbing contractor if you notice excessive mould problems.
  • Water stains- Since most water pipes run behind walls, a burst can leave water marks. These watermarks are often accompanied by peeling or cracking paint on your walls or paint.

How Much Damage Can a Burst Pipe Cause?

A burst water pipe will eventually cause damage based on its severity and the location of the damage. The water damage can ruin the structural integrity of your ceilings, walls, and floors. Even with slight water damage, damp areas may become a breeding ground for mould.

Mould problems cause respiratory problems, particularly in occupants with asthma or lung conditions. Considering the high stakes, reaching out to a professional plumber is essential once you detect a sign of a burst water pipe.

What Does it Sound Like When a Pipe is About to Burst?

You shouldn’t hear the sound of water near pipes unless it’s running. Water hammers are among the most common signs your pipe is about to burst. They occur when you turn off water appliances or faucets, and the water inside the pipes bangs against pipe walls and shut-off valves due to high pressure. You’re probably dealing with a leaky pipe if you notice gurgling or hissing sounds inside your walls.

Don’t Let a Pipe Burst Ruin Your Comfort!

Burst water pipes can cause inconveniences to homeowners. Your best line of defence is to hire a professional pipe relining contractor to help you avoid further damage. At Wilco Plumbing, we have quality equipment and skilled plumbers to detect and fix issues with your plumbing system. Contact us today to book our high-quality plumbing services.