Why Do My Taps Have Low Water Pressure?

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Having trouble getting proper pressure from your water supply and plumbing system? Do you have low flow from your hot and cold water taps, shower heads, or even your toilet? There are a few reasons that you may be having trouble with the proper flow of water in Sydney.

Why Do My Taps Have Low Water Pressure?| Wilco Plumbing Sydney

Let’s look at a few common causes of low water pressure now.

1. Water Leaks

Since water will be running out of the leak instead of being pumped up through the pipes, leaks lead to poor water pressure. If the water pressure

seems only to be affecting one or two taps or fixtures, you may have a leak somewhere in the pipes leading to these fixtures.

If the issue seems to be affecting all of your taps and fixtures equally, it may not be due to water leaks in your home – but the leak may be due to an issue with the pipes entering your home. Consider contacting your water company and having your water meter read – higher-than-usual water bills could indicate a leak that’s happening before the water even reaches your home.

2. Malfunctioning Or Improperly-Sized Pressure Reducing Valve

Pressure reducing valves are meant to keep your water pressure at the correct level by relieving excess pressure. But if they are improperly-sized or installed, or they wear out and malfunction, they can impair the flow of water and lead to issues with proper water pressure.

3. Problems With Your Hot Water Heater

If you’re only having trouble with hot water pressure, it’s possible that your hot water heater and its related systems are damaged or malfunctioning. For example, a mineral deposit could have built up in the outflow pipe of your heater, which could reduce the flow of hot water. You should call a local plumber to investigate the issue further, and find a solution.

4. Mineral Buildup Or Debris Buildup

Over time, minerals and debris like sand and sediment can build up in your water pipes, constricting the pipe and eventually reducing the flow of water through your pipes. This is especially common in older homes, or homes that have not regularly had routine plumbing maintenance and servicing.

However, this problem is relatively simple to resolve. After your plumber locates the obstructed pipe, it’s usually possible to clear away the obstructions and restore your pipes, which will also restore the proper flow of water throughout your home.

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