What not to put down your drains!

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Most people feel that if they have a garbage disposal in their kitchen sink, they wouldn’t have to worry about drain blocks because all the food remnants would get pulverised before being washed down the drain. But the fact is that some foods can severely gum up your drain. We at Wilco Plumbing recommend that in order to keep the pipes flowing freely; there are certain things that should never be put into the drains such as:

  1. Starchy foods

Put your sink on a diet and steer clear of feeding it too many starchy products, even if you have a garbage disposal. There are a number of foods that cause a significant amount of problems in the drain and putting large quantities of these into the garbage disposal will only result in a block sooner than later. The main culprits are rice, potato peels and pasta and these foods just turn into a sticky paste inside your drains. The best way to discard these items is to run them through a sieve/colander and discard the rest into the garbage bin.

  1. Fat

It’s never a good idea to pour any fat into the drain. While it goes in as liquid, it will eventually become a congealed mess inside the drainpipe. If you discard too much of grease and fat into your kitchen sink, that will reduce the drainpipe’s diameter until the flow stops entirely. When you are pouring fat or grease down the drain, pour some hot water over it along with a few generous squirts of liquid dish-wash soap and run the hot water over it for another minute.

  1. Breakfast remnants

Things like coffee grinds and eggshells may look harmless, but it takes a large amount of water to push them out through the drainage system and they eventually do end up clogging your pipes at some point down the line. It’s best to discard egg shells in the garbage can and do the same with the coffee grounds; the latter can be discarded in the garden as well.

  1. Fibrous foods

Many fibrous foods like carrot peels and celery chunks can easily overwhelm your garbage disposal and clog the drains. If you don’t have a disposal, all these chunks will just sit in the drain and eventually cause severe clogs. All the veggie scraps should go right to the compost or trash.

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