Top Signs You Need Toilet Repairs In Sydney

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Wondering if you need to call a plumber for toilet repairs in Sydney? If you think your toilet isn’t working properly, here are a few warning signs that you may need to call a plumber for professional toilet repair. Read on, and get the help you need from an experienced plumbing company in Sydney, such as Wilco Plumbing

1. The Water Is Constantly Running

If your toilet won’t stop running, you could be wasting gallons of water – and running up a large water bill. This is often caused by an improper float position or a damaged flusher/flapper valve.

You can save money by getting your toilet repaired, and stop water from simply going down the drain for no reason. That’s better for the environment – and better for your wallet, too!

2. You Notice Cracks In The Bowl

Cracks in the porcelain tank or bowl are always bad news. In most cases, large cracks that are easily visible with the naked eye will require you to replace your toilet. They are simply not worth repairing.

However, very thin “hairline” cracks can usually be fixed with professional toilet repair, using silicone putty or sealant. However, it may still be a good idea to start saving up for a new toilet. These sealants won’t last forever, and the cracks may eventually get bigger due to natural wear and tear.

3. There Are Puddles Of Water Around Your Toilet

Nobody wants a water damaged floor – and that’s what will happen if you notice puddles of water around your toilet and don’t get them fixed right away.

This happens more often with older toilets – the seal around the base of the toilet can become loose over time, leading to leaks. Turn off the water flow to the toilet and get help right away for this issue. Your toilet requires immediate attention to ensure you avoid water damage in your bathroom. Depending on the issue, it may be possible to remove and “reseat” your toilet with a proper seal, or the unit may need to be replaced completely.

4. Your Toilet Won’t Flush Properly

When you flush a toilet, it should quickly drain the bowl, eliminate waste, and refill to the proper level. If your toilet flushes slowly, doesn’t flush at all, or has any other issues flushing, you may need a plumber to perform repairs to the mechanisms that control water flow.

5. The Toilet’s Water Levels Are Off

The water level in your cistern should be about 5-8 cm from the top of the tank, and the water level in your toilet bowl should be about 8-10 cm above the drain opening.

Water levels that are too high – or low – could indicate issues like leaks, mechanical problems with your toilet, and a wide variety of other issues. It can be hard to narrow down the cause of improper water levels on your own, so we recommend calling a pro.

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Top Signs You Need Toilet Repairs In Sydney | Wilco Plumbing

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