The Common Cause of Blocked Drains

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How many times do you use the toilet in a day? Everyone is different, but indeed, everyone uses the toilet at least once a day. What happens if we are using the toilet and suddenly it is clogged? No matter what you try, it is just stuck, not working. We try to find out what happened, in which part of the toilet the blockage occurred.

If you found the source of the problem, then you might try to solve it yourself. You use cleaning equipment such as a plunger or toilet brush, maybe even use cleaning agents to speed up the cleaning process of the blockage. If your effort is successful, you will feel relieved, and you can continue your plan on that day. What if it is not? Inevitably you might need to change plans throughout the day and maybe a few days later.

What causes blockages in the toilet? Some of the following items can cause serious problems such as:

  1.      Hair. Even if it looks reasonable, hair can cause severe blockages, especially in large quantities. Hair consists of 3 layers, namely the cortex, cuticle, and medulla. The most significant percentage of compounds contained in the hair is keratin, which is also present in the skin and nails. Therefore, the hair is hard to break. Immediately remove the loose hair which accidentally enters your toilet or water channel to avoid clogging.
  2.      Solid objects. Solid objects that cannot decompose may accidentally enter the toilet. For example, if your child intentionally inserted his toy, like a rubber duck into your toilet.
  3.      Diapers. Do not throw diapers into the toilet. Generally, the materials of diapers are not simply dissolving in water.
  4.      Sanitary napkins or tampons. Even though the material itself doesn’t come in a big size, its basic ingredients are actually hard to break. To avoid any possible damages, it will be a better idea to throw napkins or tampons in the trash bin.

If a blockage occurs, you can choose to clean it yourself or call a local plumber close to where you live. If you want to clean it yourself, you should prepare for the bad possibilities that can occur. Use waterproof gloves to avoid possible exposure to bacteria or germs that can cause disease. Also, use a mask to reduce odor.

When choosing the best plumbing service, you need to sort out all of your plumbing services options by learning about their service until you can finally choose the most trusted plumber for you. This will lead you chances that you’ll spend your time and money for a good cost.

Wilco Plumbing is the right choice for your blocked drains and any other plumbing problems. We are a highly trusted plumbing company in Sydney, with more than 50 years of experience. For us, we always make sure to put our customers as our priority. We determined to satisfy our customers as we listen to their needs and problems. Our customers’ satisfaction will always be the reason why we keep on continue and love our job. We make sure to arrive at your place as soon as possible. Our services are available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This shows our determination towards the problems that you’re dealing with. Whenever you need our services, we are just a phone call away.

If you are living in Baulkham Hills, any possible problems could occur and it’s including your toilet. When you experience blocked drains, clogged toilet pipe, blocked sewer, you must be wondering how to unblock the drains, unclog the toilet pipe or unblock the sewer. When you’re using our service, you don’t need to worry about it. We make sure that your issues are handled in good care, we use the most advanced technology to repair your toilet. We provide pipe relining service. To have your toilet repaired effectively, we need to find out what’s inside the pipe or the drains that mostly located underground. We set a camera for drain inspection. The CCTV will show you what kind of work you are dealing with. Then we give you upfront fixed pricing.

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