How Often Should I Use Root Killer In My Pipes?

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If you want to make sure you keep your sewer pipes and septic system in good shape, a good preventive maintenance step is to use a root killer to destroy root systems in your sewer lines, particularly if you’ve had issues with roots that grow around your pipes in the past.

How Often Should I Use Root Killer In My Pipes? | Wilco Plumbing Sydney

But how often should you use tree root killer to prevent root intrusion? Is it safe to use these products frequently, and are they harmful to the environment? Find out everything you need to know in this article from Wilco Plumbing.

How Does Chemical Root Killer Work?

Chemical root killers work by poisoning tree roots that are growing into your sewer line, septic tank, or other sewer system. By using a chemical root killer like copper sulfate or metam sodium, you can kill roots and prevent further damage to your pipes.

However, while products like copper sulfate and metam sodium do kill roots, removing them from your sewer line, they will not kill the tree. They are not typically carried through the tree roots, and won’t poison the tree itself.

It’s Best To Use Root Killer Every 30-60 Days For Preventive Maintenance

At Wilco Plumbing, our recommendation is to use copper sulfate to inhibit root growth and kill roots every 30-60 days.

We prefer this compound to others like metam sodium because while it kills the roots, it is not as harmful and toxic to humans and animals, and it can easily be purchased over-the-counter, unlike metam sodium.

By using a chemical root killer routinely, you can help prevent the growth of new roots that could cause further damage to your sewer system.

A Chemical Root Killer Is Only Part Of The Solution For Damaged Sewer Pipes

If you have a cracked or damaged sewer pipe, it’s entirely possible for root growth to continue. Eventually, roots from the same tree – or even from another tree – may grow toward the pipe and grow into the crack, causing another blockage in your drain pipe.

That’s why you should also consider sewer pipe repair or replacement if your pipes have been damaged by tree root growth. However, we understand that completely replacing a sewer line can be prohibitively expensive, as it often involves digging up a large part of your yard.

A lower-cost alternative is sewer relining. In this method of sewer pipe repair, a resin tube is inserted into your sewer pipe after it’s been examined using a flexible camera. The resin bonds permanently with your existing sewer line, closing up gaps and cracks in the line and repairing the line without requiring any digging of your yard. This saves you a lot of time and money.

Got A Clogged Pipe? Need Help? Contact Wilco Plumbing Today!

If you can’t clear a clog in your sewer system using an over-the-counter root killer in Sydney, Wilco Plumbing is here to help. We offer expert sewer services in the area, and we can remove clogs and roots from your pipes and apply root killer to prevent further growth.

Not only that, but we even offer pipe relining services to restore your sewer pipes, seal up cracks and openings, and prevent roots from growing into your sewer line in the future. So don’t wait. Contact our professional Sydney plumbers online today or give us a ring at 02 9186 3371 to get started.