Here’s Why CCTV Plumbing Cameras Can Save You Time and Money

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Blocked Drains are one of the commonest plumbing problems people face in their homes or commercial property. These blocks seem like they surface suddenly but are generally caused by buildup that takes place over time. The grease, debris, food remnants, hair etc. can become lodged within the drain pipes and cause a blockage.

Sometimes, tree roots in the garden infiltrate the drain pipes and start growing within these installations. Over time, these can cause a complete blockage and result in a backup of sewer water in the toilet, kitchen and bathroom sinks or even the shower areas. Any property owner that has dealt with a drain block knows exactly how troublesome it can be. Before the problem is fixed, the plumbers need to identify where the problem lies within the length of the drain.

If tree roots have entered the pipe and damaged the installation, the exact position of the damage would have to be identified as well. But since drain pipes are underground, this isn’t an easy task and involves digging up large portions of the landscape just to locate the point at which the pipe is cracked or damaged.

Benefits of CCTV cameras in drainage problems

These processes are not only time-consuming but expensive as well; which is why we at Wilco Plumbing recommend that CCTV plumbing cameras be used in the work. Take a look at how these cameras can save you time and money:

  • When you call us with the drain block problem, our expert plumbers will visit your location and inspect the affected drains.
  • They will then insert a CCTV drain camera into the pipe.
  • The CCTV camera is connected to a display monitor above the ground and they are able to see what is causing the block and whether there is any damage to the drain pipe.
  • Once they have a clear view of what is causing the block, pressure-jets can be used to get rid of the debris and the clog.
  • In case of damage to the pipe, we recommend that you opt for trenchless pipe repairs. In this only two small trenches are dug at either end of the impacted pipe and the epoxy lining is fitted in the original pipe. All this work is done without disrupting the rest of the landscape.

This doesn’t become possible if a CCTV camera isn’t used in the work and you have to dig up the pipe to identify where the block is and how severe it is. Using a CCTV Drain Camera is the best way to avoid time-consuming plumbing processes and it saves you as significant amount of money as well.

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