Does Home Insurance Cover Pipes That Burst In Sydney?

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Whether you’ve had a pipe burst in your home, or you just want to be prepared in case you have this issue, you may be wondering if your home insurance will cover the cost to repair damage due to pipe bursts and water leaks, and cost to repair or replace property that was damaged by the water.

Note: Every policy differs. This is only a general guide and overview. Consult your insurer directly for more information about coverage for burst pipes and water damage.

Burst Pipes Are Usually Covered – But This Depends On Your Home Insurance Policy

In most cases, a homeowner’s insurance policy covers damage that is “sudden and accidental.”

For example, if the water supply line from your washing machine bursts or comes loose and floods your basement or laundry room, this is a “sudden and accidental” issue that could not have been predicted, and the damage resulting from the incident will typically be covered by the “home and contents” insurance of your homeowner’s insurance policy.

However, most policies will not cover water damage caused by wear and tear. For example, if you have a leaking pipe that’s corroded and damaged and you know about the issue – but you don’t fix it – the insurer may claim you were negligent, and will not cover the cost related to the incident.

But will homeowner’s insurance cover water damage from a burst pipe? As long as your pipe bursts suddenly and the issue is not caused by poor maintenance or negligence, you are likely covered.

For example, in Sydney, the climate is quite warm – and the weather rarely dips below freezing for long periods of time, even in the depths of winter. Because of this, a burst pipe due to freezing water is a rare event, and typically qualifies as “sudden and accidental.”

As long as your pipes are in good condition and you do your best to keep them from freezing in the winter (here are some helpful tips) then your policy will likely cover the damages caused by the burst pipe.

Of course, each policy and each insurer is different. If you have any doubts about your coverage, we recommend reviewing your policy and contacting your insurer directly for more information.

Flood Insurance Doesn’t Cover Burst Pipes – Only Natural Disasters


Don’t be fooled by anyone who tells you that flood insurance (if you have it) should cover the water damage from a burst pipe.

Flood insurance is just that – insurance for floods, which are natural disasters. A burst pipe is not a natural disaster, even when it’s caused by freezing temperatures – and thus, flood insurance will not cover any costs associated with repairs.

Avoid Burst Pipes By Getting Plumbing Maintenance From Wilco Plumbing!

You can avoid burst pipes due to freezing temperatures with proper insulation and pipe maintenance – and other common causes of burst pipes, such as corrosion and pipe wear & tear, can be identified with proper plumbing maintenance.

So don’t wait until there’s a problem and hope that your insurance covers the cost of repairs and damage. Contact Wilco Plumbing Online now or call at 02 9186 3371 to get a “plumbing check-up” for your home by Sydney’s best plumbers. We’ll examine your pipes and plumbing, locate any potential issues, and make sure your home can stay safe from water damage.