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Everything You Need To Know about Hot water Heater Installation

Looking at replacement hot water systems to replace your existing hot water system, improve reliability, and reduce running costs? You may be wondering if you need a licensed plumber to install a hot water heater. Can’t you just do it yourself? Find out in this blog post from Wilco Plumbing!

You Should Never Try To Install Any Hot Water System On Your Own

Whether you’re interested in solar hot water systems, gas hot water systems, or an electric hot water system, one rule applies – never try to install hot water heater systems on your own. Why? Here are a few reasons.

  • Improper installation – Installing a hot water tank is not the same thing as patching a simple leak or replacing a piece of drywall. There are a lot of different essential parts – and depending on the system, installation may involve electrical work or work on a gas line.
    The complexity of installing a hot water heater means that there are many different ways it can go wrong when you install the unit. Some of these may be immediately noticeable – while others could put you at risk of long-term issues like a shortened lifespan for your unit, or even gas leaks.
  • Dangerously hot (or cold) water – Water in your hot water tank needs to stay at a temperature of at least 70° C to kill pathogens like legionella bacteria, which can thrive in cooler water. However, this temperature is much too hot for your use – and will result in scalding.
    That’s where the tempering valve comes in. This valve mixes cold water and hot water, allowing your hot water to be stored at a high temperature while still coming out of your taps at a  comfortable temperature. If this valve is not configured properly, your water could be too hot or too cold when it comes out of the tap.
  • Potential permit issues – You may need to get council approval for a new water heater in Sydney, and if you do not get permission or you install your water heater improperly, this could lead to fines and penalties.
Our Hot Water System Installers Are Here To Help In Sydney!


No matter what type of system you want – from a heat pump hot water tank to a gas system, tankless heater, or solar heater – Wilco Plumbing is here to help you install it safely and properly. Why choose our hot water system installers? Here are a few reasons.

  1. Decades of combined experience – We have been serving Australians in Sydney and the surrounding areas for years, and our plumbers and hot water tank installers have decades of combined experience – so you can trust us to get the job done right!
  2. Our installations meet all local requirements – If permits and council approval are necessary, we’ll work to obtain them – and even if you don’t need approval, we’ll make sure your hot water tank installation meets all mandatory building code requirements
  3. We install all types of heaters – We can install hot water heaters using all types of energy sources, including solar, gas, and electric tank-based and tankless heaters. With a wide variety of options available, you can always pick the one that’s right for your home and your budget.

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