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If you’re a plumber looking to finish a big job, you need the right tools and training. Wilco Relining has access to technology that not every plumber uses, so we can help you finish your job. Our service is for plumbers, by plumbers.

The investment in pipe relining equipment is expensive, and we know that not every plumber in the Sydney area is ready to take that step. Over the years, Wilco has built a reputation as a good partner for a broad network of local plumbers. When you need a subcontractor to come in a handle pipe relining, we’re always ready to step up. As an independent plumber, you get to bid with confidence on the contracts that might involve relining, secure in the knowledge that Wilco Relining can step in when needed. It’s a win-win situation for everybody involved.

Pipe Relining for Civil Plumbing

Civil engineers and builders know that so much of the work now involves some degree of renovation and repair. People don’t just want new buildings and new houses. For budgetary and style reasons, they want to build within existing structures. Those old sites often hide a huge assortment of plumbing challenges. What if you could preserve the integrity of the building site while protecting it from water damage and leaks? Wilco Relining is minimally invasive. There’s no need to dig or tear down walls and ceilings.

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Why Pipe Relining for Civil Projects?

Trenchless pipe relining means no digging, minimal restoration, and no expensive heavy equipment coming in to fix your leaking pipes and blocked drains. Time and money will stay with you instead of being spent conventional civil plumbing techniques.

Is it a quick fix? Yes, but it’s also durable. Wilco Relining is guaranteed for 35 years, and the material is 4 times stronger than the standard PVC.

What Are the Advantages of Pipe Relining?

No Digging Required: We can reline your pipes with no expensive and time-consuming excavation project.

35-Year Guarantee: This is tested and effective technology that you can depend on for decades to come.

4x Stronger than PVC: The new lining in your pipes will likely be much stronger and more durable than the original, giving you more peace of mind.

Civil and Plumbers’ Pipe Relining and Repair Fast Facts

The job gets done with no headaches for you.
All you’ll need to do is monitor the Wilco staff as they carry out the job. They bring all of the material and expertise with them.

One Step to Success
Most pipes can be relined with a single point of insertion, even if the diameter of the pipe changes or it goes around corners.

Any Pipe, Any Time
No matter the material or size, our advanced relining technology can reline the pipe and make it as if not better than new.

Expertise Worth the Investment
There’s nothing worse than trying to solve the wrong problem. Our staff can correctly diagnose problems some plumbers have never seen before by extending video cameras into the plumbing.

Time and Money Can’t Be Wasted
Conventional plumbing requires extensive disassembly, digging and restoration. Wilco Relining gets the job done fast, clean and right.

We Offer a Wide Range of other Plumbing Services

Wilco’s industrial plumbing contractors are available to all types of civil projects. No matter the size or function of your worksite, Wilco Relining can help you solve your plumbing and drain issues.

  • Factories
  • Plants
  • Warehouses
  • Mills
  • Refineries
  • Civil Construction

We Also Offer A Range Of Other Pipe And Drain Services

Relining isn’t the only service we offer. Drain blockages are our specialities, but we offer a great deal more.

  • Drain Blockages
  • CCTV Camera Drain Inspection
  • High Pressure Jet Blasting
  • Trenchless Pipe Relining

Care to Discuss a Plumbing Subcontract or Civil Relining Job? We are Sydney’s Leaders in Plumbing and Drainage Solutions

Our team of experienced, licensed and certified plumbers have the expertise to solve your plumbing and drainage problems. As plumbers ourselves, we know you need dependable and effective service, and Wilco Relining is up to the task.

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What are our main differences that you can count on?

100% satisfaction guarantee on all work carried out from our plumbers
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24 hour 7 day a week plumbing service
Offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all our clients in Sydney.

There are many plumbers in Sydney however we are one of the only companies that offer upfront pricing and also charge by the job completion.

If you are not 100% satisfied with our work we will come back out and repair for free without any cost to you.

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