4 Simple Steps to Avoiding Drain Blockages This Season

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Drain maintenance isn’t something most homeowners think about. As long as the water flows out of the drains smoothly, people rarely pay attention to this aspect at all; that is until something goes wrong. But drain blocks can occur if you have been indiscriminately putting food remnants down the kitchen drain or have failed to place a drain screen over the shower or tub drains. When a clogged-up drain prevents the proper flow of water through the pipes, the pressure that builds up inside, could increase and lead to a rupture or leak.

But it’s not difficult to avoid these problems and all you need to do is take a few precautions. Keep in mind that clogged drains reduce the lifespan of your plumbing installations and can result in various other emergency plumbing problems in the future. The experts at Wilco Plumbing have put together this list of 4 simple steps to follow to avoid drain blockages this season:

  1. Install a plug screens over the plugholes

Plug screens prevent debris, dirt and hair from getting washed down the drain and it’s important to install these in bathroom and kitchen sinks. In bathrooms, these fixtures prevent small items, soaps and beauty products from getting washed into the plumbing system. In kitchens, these prevent food remnants from getting washed into the drain.

  1. Do not pour any grease/oil down the drains

Drains can handle water, milk, and various other liquids; but oil and grease can become congealed within the drain and cause a block. Avoid pouring these into the sink. It’s best to freeze the oil and grease and discard it in the trash.

  1. Don’t plant any trees near the drainage system

While planting trees in your yard does add to the aesthetics of your property planting them very close to your home structure or near underground drain pipes can result in drainage problems. Many trees have root systems that grow deep into the ground and can infiltrate drain pipes through fissures. These roots thrive on the water and nutrients in the drain pipes and eventually grow to such an extent that they clog the pipes. It’s best to install large trees along the fence lines and away from drain pipes.

  1. Never flush objects down the toilet

It’s important that you don’t flush tissues, wet wipes, diapers, feminine sanitary products or anything else down the toilets in your home. Teach your kids basic plumbing care and teach them not to put toys or anything else into the toilet.  

If you have a blocked drain, try using a plunger. If the block is minor, that should solve the problem. But in case of a more severe block, you would have to call in a plumber to fix the problem. If you are dealing with Blocked Drains, feel free to call us without delay.

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